AFGE Local 2578 8601 Adelphi Road Room 1920
College Park, MD 20740-6001



American Federation of Government Employees
Local 2578

National Archives at College Park
8601 Adelphi Road, Rm. 1920
College Park, MD 20740-6001

AFGE Local 2578, affiliated with AFGE Council 260, serves bargaining unit employees of the National Archives and Records Administration at the following NARA facilities:

  • The National Archives Building, Washington, DC
  • The National Archives at College Park, College Park, MD
  •  Office of the Federal Register, Washington, DC
  • Washington National Records Center, Suitland, MD
  • Regional Records Services Facilities in the Northeast Region (Waltham, Pittsfield, NewYork); Mid-Atlantic Region (Philadelphia); Southeast Region (Atlalnta); Great Lakes Region (Chicago & Dayton); and Central Plains Region (Kansas City, Lee's Summit & Fort Worth).
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library, Hyde Park, NY
  • John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Boston, MA
  • Gerald Ford Presidential Library at Ann Arbor, MI and Gerald Ford Museum at Grand Rapids, MI
  • Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, Atlanta, GA
  • George Bush Presidential Library, College Station, TX
  • George W. Bush Presidential Library, Dallas, TX
  • Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library, Austin, TX
  • William J. Clinton Presidential Library, Little Rock, AR
  • Harry S. Truman Presidential Library, Independence, MO

MEETINGS: Monthly meetings of AFGE Local 2578 are held at 12:00 on the last Tuesday of each month in room 5220 of the National Archives at College Park, with teleconferencing connection to the union office in romm 18N of the National Archives Building and other NARA field offices.

Meeting minutes are distributed electronically to Local members shortly after each monthly meeting. Minutes are also posted in the cafeteria of the National Archives at College Park. Minutes of the last monthly meeting are posted here for your review: July 2018 Meeting Minutes. Current Newsletter (previous minutes)


Position Name Telephone Number
President Ashby Crowder (Principal Representative) 301.837.1492
Vice President Jeremy Schmidt 301.837.3439
Treasurer Yolanda Bean 301-837-0994
Secretary Daniel Dancis 301-837-0588
Sargent-At-Arms James Neel 734-205-0557


Facility Representative Unit
Archives I Andrea Matney RD-DC
  Robin Penick RTD1O
  Jesse Wilinski RD-T
Archives II Audrey Amidon VIS
  Yolanda Bean RD-DC
  Joseph Byrnes ACNT
  David Castillo RD-OT
  John (Doug) Forrest RD-OT
  Hilary Kaplan ACNT
  Patrick McCann (Principal Representative) VES
Jeremy Schmidt ACR1
Rachel Sutcliffe RDEP
Federal Register Amelia Otovo FS
Washington National Records Center Sandra Lennon-Minor AFOD
Federal Records Center - Lenexa Darik Schmoe BQK
Federal Records Center at Philadelphia Kim Parker AFOE-PA
Federal Records Center at Atlanta Joey Thomason AFOE-AT
National Archives at Chicago Jimmie Greenlee ACNC
Federal Records Center - Dayton Chad Kemper AFOE-DT
Federal Records Center - Kingsridge Kevin Darling AFOE-KR
Federal Records Center - Kansas City Stephani Lytle AFOW-KC
National Archives at Kansas City Kimberlee Ried LE
Federal Records Center - Lee's Summit Matt Brewster AFOW-LS
Federal Records Center - Lee's Summit Tommie Huff AFOW-LS
National Archives at New York Trina Yeckley RE-NY
Federal Records Center - Ft. Worth Marcus Gowans AFOE-FW
National Archives at Fort Worth Ketina Taylor RM-FW
Truman Library    
Kennedy Library    
Johnson Library   L
George Bush Library    
Ford Library James Neel LP-GRF
Ford Museum Desiree Ruhland LP-GRFM
Clinton Library Larry Woten LP-WJC
George W. Bush Library    
Obama Library Jason Leyk LP-BHO

JOINING AFGE: To obtain a copy of Standard Form 1187, "Request for Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues," contact the Local office or any Local Official in person or by email, or download form in PDF below. Return completed form to your recruiter or to the Local office, 8601 Adelphi Road, rm. 1920, College Park, MD 20740-6001.

Dues for AFGE Local 2578 are 80% of one hour's pay per pay period.




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