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AFGE Council 104 NPRC
St. Louis, MO


American Federation of Government Employees
Local 104

National Personnel Records Center
St. Louis, MO 63118-4126

AFGE Local 104, affiliated with AFGE Council 260, serves employees of the National Archives and Records Administration at the following NARA facilities in St. Louis, MO:

  • The National Personel Records Center

Dues for AFGE Local 104 are currently $40 per month.


Position Name Telephone Number
President Michael Harris 314.801.9143
Executive Vice President Walter Foster 314.801.0636
Vice President Eric Petty 618.935.3074
Treasurer Aisha Lavender 314.801.0636
Secretary Marquette Brown
Sargeant at Arms Violet Esters 314.801.0701


OfficeNameJob TitlePH #
AFN-MC2 Del May Archives Technician 314.801.0813
AFN-MC3 Gloria Torrence Archives Technician 314.801.0659
AFN-MC4 Violet Esters Archives Technician 314.801.0701
AFN-MC1 Marquette Brown Archives Technician 314.801.0709
AFN-MC1 Tonya Smith Archives Aid  
AFN-MC3 John Santiago Archives Aid 314.801.9211
AFN-MC3 Teresita Parks Archives Technician 314.801.0709
AFN-CO Eric Petty Archives Technician 314.801.9229
AFN-MC2 Walter Foster Archives Technician 314.801.9064
AFN-CR Barbara Davis Archives Technician 314.801.9251



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