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AFGE Council 104 NPRC
St. Louis, MO


American Federation of Government Employees
Local 104

National Personnel Records Center
St. Louis, MO 63118-4126

AFGE Local 104, affiliated with AFGE Council 260, serves employees of the National Archives and Records Administration at the following NARA facilities in St. Louis, MO:

  • The National Personel Records Center

Dues for AFGE Local 104 are currently $40 per month.


Position Name Telephone Number
President Michael Harris 314.801.9143
Executive Vice President Teresita Parks 314.801.0709
Vice President Del May 314.801.0813
Secretary-Treasurer Marquette Brown 314.801.0636
Sargeant at Arms Violet Esters 314.801.0701
Chief Steward Lynn Simmons 314.801.9095


OfficeNameJob TitlePH #
AFN-MC2 Del May Archives Technician 314.801.0813
AFN-MC3 Gloria Torrence Archives Technician 314.801.0659
AFN-MC4 Violet Esters Archives Technician 314.801.0701
AFN-MC1 Marquette Brown Archives Technician 314.801.0709
AFN-MC3 Jon Santiago Archives Aid 314.801.9211
AFN-MC3 Teresita Parks Archives Technician 314.801.0709
Annuitant Walter Foster Archives Technician 314.484.3320
AFN-CR Barbara Davis Archives Technician 314.801.9251
AFN-MC2 Joe Wise Archives Technician 314.801.0662
RXS Michael Pierce Preservation Technician 314.801.9310



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