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A grievance is (1) a complaint by a bargaining unit employee, a group of bargaining unit employees, or the Union about a matter related to the employment of the bargaining unit employee(s) by the Agency; or (2) A complaint by a bargaining unit employee, the Union, or the Agency about the effect or interpretation of the National Agreement or any claimed violation or misapplication of any rule or regulation affecting conditions of employment. As the bargaining agent, the Council and its appointed representatives process grievances under Article 24 of the National Agreement. Employees may also file grievances without representation using the negotiated grievance procedure.

See a Union representative to discuss your options when you believe you have a grievance.

We will only post examples of institutional grievances and large group grievances, filed on behalf of the union because of violations of the union’s rights as exclusive representative of the bargaining unit. Individual grievances will never be posted. Below are examples of institutional grievances.

Violations of Articles 7, 9, and 33: Time and Leave Policies

Violations consist of three types: First, certain provisions constitute new conditions affecting matters already covered by a collective bargaining agreemeht. Second, the structure and design of the document is misleading and inaccurate. Third, the employer has communicated to employees both
established policy, and policy changes we contend are violative, in a manner that violates
the Union's institutional right.

View the RD Time and Leave Grievance.Current Newsletter

The response from the Office of Research Services to deny the Grievance Current Newsletter and the Invocation of Arbitration Current Newsletter are also provided.

Read the Union's Opposition to the Agency's Motion to Dismiss and the arbitrator's decision.

Read the Arbitrators decision and the Union's post hearing brief.

Violation of Article 14, Section 12: Information on Promotion Actions

Upon completion of the selection process, the promotion file, minus the assessment questionnaire, will be made available to the appropriate Union representative, when requested as part of an investigation to determine whether or not to file a grievance or to process a grievance concerning the competitive procedures of that particular vacancy. View the Promotion File Grievance Current Newsletter

Violation of Article 12, Section 2: Occupational Safety and Health Committees

The Parties will continue to maintain the occupational safety and health committees in existence as of the effective date of this Agreement. Committees may be established at facilities that presently do not have a committee. All committees will be established and/or operated in accordance with 29 CFR 1960. View the National Safety and Health Committee Grievance 2012 Current Newsletter


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